Sage Canaday

Photo Credit: Dennis Coughlin

“Ever since I have started using Flora Udo’s Oil I have felt
more sustained energy levels throughout the course of the
day.  Whether I’m running up a 14,000 foot mountain or
going out for a long trail run, I’ve found that my energy
levels remain more constant and that I’m able to perform
at a higher level for hours on end.”
– Sage Canaday


Sage’s accomplishments:
2015 16th Place at the Boston Marathon
2014 Pikes Peak Ascent Champion (2:10)
2014 North Face 50-mile Endurance Challenge Champion (6:07)
US 100km National Ultra-Trail Champion
1st place and 2013 Course Record at Lake Sonoma 50-miler (6:14)
1st place and 2013 Course Record at Speedgoat 50km