Stephanie Howe

Running has been a big part of Stephanie’s life since she was young. Although she hated running in middle school, she always beat all the boys on track and field day. As she grew up, she learned to appreciate the gift of running and what her body allowed her to accomplish. In 2010 Stephanie ran her first 50k, the USATF 50k trail championship, and finished 2nd. She was hooked. Stephanie loves to spend her time running on trails in the mountains with her dog Riley. In addition to running and racing all over the world, Stephanie has a PhD in Nutrition & Exercise Science and owns a coaching and nutrition business: You can learn more and follow Stephanie’s adventures in her blog:



Photo Credit: Matt Trappe

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– Stephanie Howe

Stephanie’s accomplishments:
2015 Way Too Cool 50k, 2nd
2015 Lake Sonoma 50mi, 1st and New CR 7:08
2015 Western States 100, 3rd
2015 UTMB, 8th
2014 Champion of Western States 100
2014 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile, 2nd Woman
2014 North Face Endurance championships, 3rd Woman
2012 Speedgoat 50K Champion and Course Record Holder
2012 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championships, 2nd Woman